Allergy to the mixture

аллергия на смесь фото Allergy to the mixture - a fairly common phenomenon in infants who are on artificial feeding. This is due to numerous factors, the main of which is intolerance of the individual components of this product. Children under one year of the most common food allergen Read the full post »

Allergy to the body

аллергия на теле фото Allergy to the body is a rather extensive concept, including a large number of various diseases and their manifestations. That is why the treatment of allergies on the body can not begin until an exact definition of the allergic trigger is read Read the full entry »

How to cure an allergy

как вылечить аллергию фото In order to cure allergies, there are many methods, but perhaps the best of them is to completely exclude contact with the allergen provoking the development of allergic reactions. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergy tests

пробы на аллергию фото Allergy tests are various ways of diagnosing a variety of allergic diseases. Carrying out of the given samples allows to establish with accuracy the source of development of an allergic reaction by definition of hypersensitivity of the person to entered at carrying out of testing Read the full entry »

Diet for allergies

диета при аллергии фото If a person has absolutely any disease of an allergic nature, he must definitely observe certain norms of food intake, as failure to follow the basic principles of a diet for allergies can entail a read the entire entry »

Cream for allergies

крем от аллергии фото Cream for allergy is a kind of life-saving circle for people suffering from a dermal allergy. The task of complex antiallergic therapy is to prevent the development of complications and minimize the symptomatology that is annoying the patient. Read the rest of this entry »

Preparations from an allergy

препараты от аллергии фото Treatment of all allergic diseases is carried out in almost the same way and consists in the obligatory isolation of the patient from contact with the provoking substance-allergen; in conducting specific immunotherapy, which helps to teach the body Read the full post »

Nutrition for allergies

питание при аллергии фото The organization of an adequate and balanced diet for allergic diseases is an extremely important aspect of the life of an allergic person. This is due to the fact that modern food contains a truly huge amount. Read the rest of this entry »