39 weeks of pregnancy

39 неделя беременности фото At 39 weeks of pregnancy the child is actually ready to be born. Very often it happens. The baby's grip is strong, his knees pressed to his chin. There is absolutely no place for active movements. Kid at 39 weeks of pregnancy enough lost hair down on the body, there were those that hide in the folds of the skin. Totally grown on the extremities of small marigolds. The central nervous system of the baby is not fully developed, but neural cells of the spinal cord, as well as glial tissue, are sufficiently developed. And the further development of the child will continue after birth. The baby has completely formed villi intestines, because they are responsible for the movement of food along the digestive tract itself. In the stomach at full speed, enzymes are produced, so necessary for the splitting of food. And the bacteria necessary for the assimilation of food will enter the gastrointestinal tract only together with the mother's milk. At the moment, the kid is a very independent person and performs his important functions independently. His rhythm of life is very similar to the one that will be after birth. Sleep and wakefulness of the baby at 39 weeks succeed each other, and in active periods of activity the child sucks everything. The baby reacts very strongly to touch and light.

There is a possibility that at the 39th week of pregnancy the umbilical cord can become knotted, and also wrap around the thin neck of the baby. Through the umbilical cord, the body still receives a lot of nutrients, and the baby continues to add weight rapidly. The length of the baby at 39 weeks of gestation is up to 50 cm, and the weight is about 3250 grams.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​opened, while greatly shortening. The bladder begins to experience very strong pressure during the entire period of pregnancy. There may be nervousness before close birth. One of the first signs of the onset of labor are intensifying, as well as frequent contractions at regular intervals. The second sign is the release of amniotic fluid when the amniotic fluid bursts. The third sign is the discharge of brown or bloody from the genital tract. The next sign is a deep immersion in the pelvis, as well as lowering the bottom of the uterus. This facilitates breathing and reduces the weight of a woman. Characteristic relaxation of the stool and a sharp increase in appetite. All this indicates the approach of labor and the readiness of number 1.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the load on the spine becomes maximal, and it is quite clear that the back, legs and waist are very sore. The veins on the legs are inflated, and the legs swell constantly. It is very hard and painful to walk a long time. There may be hemorrhoids and a lot of inconvenience. 40% of women are prone to this disease. Hemorrhoids - a disease that is associated with thrombosis, as well as an increase in vessels located in the lower section of the rectum and also in the anal canal. Pregnancy is a provocateur in the occurrence of hemorrhoids. A growing child blocks the outflow of blood in the pelvic area and presses against the walls of the rectum. Plus, increased intra-abdominal pressure, as well as varicose veins affect the appearance of hemorrhoids. In any case, do not hesitate and contact your doctor.

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