38 week of pregnancy

38 неделя беременности фото At 38 weeks, the baby loses Lanugo - the first fluff, and the original grease is getting smaller. The child adds to the weight of 30 grams per day and continues to quickly prepare for a new life after birth. Before the birth, the baby has accumulated a lot of waste in the intestines. This substance is called meconium or the original black and green feces consisting of dead blood cells, intestinal cells, gun hair, skin cells swallowed with amniotic fluid. Your baby will be free of meconium only after birth. But sometimes it happens that the child capable of this before birth. And then a newborn baby comes into the world in green mucus. The length of the future child from the parietal part to the sacrum from 48 cm. The weight of the child at 38 weeks of gestation to about 3100 grams. The baby in the mother's stomach reacts actively to all stimuli. This is a loud sound, and a bright light, and a touch to the stomach. The baby shudders, wrinkles, and can also wave handles. All his movements are perceived as jerks. But if the child lacks oxygen, then he is able to experience discomfort and discomfort, as well as a partial lack of nutrients and the child begins to react with restless behavior. Too active movements of the child at the 38th week of pregnancy the expectant mother should alert and it is better to tell the doctor about it.

If delivery begins at week 38, one of the first stage of labor will be very vigorous contractions that will stretch the cervix, which will allow the child to enter the birth canal. The second stage will be the baby's exit through the vagina and its appearance on the light of God. The third stage will be the separation of the children's place. But it may happen that before real battles, false ones may appear. And here it is important to distinguish them correctly. They can also be strong, but they disappear right away when traveling, but from real battles can not be eliminated.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, there may be a feeling of electric current running from the bottom of the abdomen to the legs. All this is due to the fact that the child descends deep into the pelvis, touching the nerve trunks. Take care of that, to collect all necessary in a maternity home, after all can so happens, that then there will not be enough time. In the last days before the birth, future moms complain of insomnia. It is important to know that a common cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress. Have a drink before going to bed with hot milk, and also sleep only on the left side. This is to ensure that the blood is actively poured into the uterus, the baby, as well as the kidneys. Do not forget about the fresh air before going to sleep. You slowly get used to the upcoming birth in your thoughts. If earlier it was frightening, now you are more confident waiting for the resolution of pregnancy a favorable outcome. Most likely for you is no longer a secret who will be born and you came up with the name of the baby. In the last weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary that someone is near you all the time and if fights begin, that you are supported morally, collected things, documents, helped you dress, called an ambulance. It is best to deal with this older women (moms, aunts, older sisters).

It may be that you will encounter a child's repetition. It is dangerous that the baby will be large, with a large fixed head, and this will complicate the birth of him and fraught with birth trauma to a woman.

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