37 week of pregnancy

37 неделя беременности фото Starting from the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby is ready to be born. The weight of the child is recruited for normal functioning, but he still continues to gain fat at 30 grams per day. The skin of the baby has a pink, beautiful color. At the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby's nervous system continues to improve. A protective shell formed around his nerves. And the entire process, namely the development of coordination and muscle reflexes in the future will develop after the birth of a crumb. The production of surfactant in the lungs is in full swing, which allows the baby to breathe by himself with air. And this week the child tries to breathe. On his inspiration Amniotic waters penetrate the lungs of the fetus, and on the exhalation of the water come out of them. Most likely, the baby is hysterical. If this is your first-born, it is more likely that the pregnancy will last up to 40 weeks. And if you have previously given birth, and also if you are waiting for twins, the birth can begin with 37 weeks.

The length of the crumb from the crown to the sacral part reaches 46 cm. And the weight at the 37th week of pregnancy at the same time reached the level of 2950 grams.

At 37 week there are precursors of childbirth and from the medical point of view it is already possible to give birth. The head of the crumb dropped into the pelvic region, the stirring crumbs became painful for you. The belly does not seem so big anymore. The pressure on the internal organs has decreased, and as a result of this it is easier to breathe and eat, but the uterus still presses on the bladder. Therefore, frequent urge to remain in the toilet. The appetite of the expectant mother is increasing, the body is preparing for childbirth and is gaining strength. Beginning with the 37th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother remarks that the movements become very sassy and amusing. The child energetically behaves in the tummy, now and then exposing the ass for stroking. Sometimes he exaggerates the protruding heel. You got to the point where the pregnancy is term. And if this happens, the doctors diagnose the child full-term. Do not stop reading the cognitive literature on child care. All knowledge will be useful to you in the future and in critical situations you will know how to do it yourself. Look for information about the maternity hospital, the conditions of stay.

, надоедает изжога, тошнота, понос, отеки ног, болит промежность. At the 37th week of pregnancy, the following unpleasant sensations may be bothering the future mum: pulls the stomach, hurts the back and waist, increases the body temperature to 37 degrees, there are white discharge, thrush , tired of heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, swelling of the legs, sore crotch. All these unpleasant moments will recede into the background after the birth of a crumb. Nausea in this case acts as a consequence of the uplifted uterus, which really squeezes the stomach to the woman. Fractional food will help ease this condition.

But if the temperature increases lead to ARVI, then most likely the mother will be separated from the child after childbirth to protect the child from infection. Have patience, there are very few. Take care, rest more, eat juicy fruit and avoid the place of congestion.

Orgasm at the 37th week of pregnancy can serve as a good stimulation and become the beginning of labor, as the uterus begins to contract. Remember this. If you are ready for this, then please.

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