35 weeks of pregnancy

35 неделя беременности фото At 35 weeks of gestation, the baby is fully formed and is ready to head down into the pelvic region of the woman. The walls of the water house begin to hamper the child. At week 35 the child's fingernails grew to the edge of the fingers. And on the birthday of the baby they will be incredibly long. Do not be surprised if on his face he will have scratches received in the womb. The baby continues to put aside fatty tissue. This is clearly visible on the shoulders of the baby, which become round and very soft. The first fluff - Lanugo departs from the body. In order for a child to move his head forward along the birth canal, a woman's cervix is ​​sometimes shortened or narrowed from time to time.

From 35 weeks the baby will add 220 grams per week. Continue to develop and improve the internal organs of the baby. At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of crumbs reaches 2550 grams, but this is all purely individual and there may be more weight gain. The length of the baby at 35 weeks gestation reaches a mark of 40cm. Now the future mother in the decree and this time for rashes, reading, knitting, pleasant shopping, attending courses, communicating with girlfriends, and walking in the fresh air. If there are difficulties with sleeping because of frequent visits to the toilet, then you need to reduce the amount of liquids drunk at night. Back pain on the 35th week of pregnancy is normal, because the fruit is large and presses on the uterus. Change the pose, do not stand for long, do not overdo it, rest more often, get a belt for pregnant women. Bandage belt will help to cope with your problem and increase the time spent in standing position.

у беременных. The next problem is the hemorrhoids in pregnant women. Its appearance is caused by the fact that the fruit presses on the hemorrhoidal veins located inside the rectum, as well as around the anus. This is a delicate problem, but solvable. Even if you eat right, and with a morning toilet you have no problems, still not immune from the appearance of hemorrhoids. This illness is especially troubling in the last month. For prevention, we advise a lot and do not go fast, try to rest on the benches and move for long distances in transport. If this happened on the way, then after returning home, immediately go to rest on your side for up to 30 minutes. Further, the cold water and cold compress made of chamomile will facilitate your not comfortable state. These simple actions will ease pressure in the inside of the abdominal area and the hemorrhoids will hide, but this is provided that the measures were taken by you immediately after its first appearance. Another cause of hemorrhoids is a decrease in intestinal tone and an increase in constipation. Revise your diet, include cereals, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, sour-milk products, bread coarsely. A sweet bakery products, potatoes, cakes, cookies, candies, jam and jams restrict. Your task is to build a chair! A sharp pain ointment from hemorrhoids for pregnant women Gepatrombin G, and effective candles Natalsid. Both the first and second very good remedy for hemorrhoids for pregnant women. Be healthy and pleasant to you of pregnancy!

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