34 week of pregnancy

34 неделя беременности фото At 34 weeks of pregnancy the baby grows kilograms and continues to amaze his mom and doctors with growth. The weight of the baby at 34 weeks of gestation is up to 2250 grams, and the height is 32 cm. Its white energy-intensive fat has reached 8% of the total weight. And from this the skin changed and became smooth and pink. Pleasure the hair on the head of the baby, which became thick. The embryonic fluff of the baby disappears gradually, and the layer of the original grease increases to an abundant state. The kid at 34 weeks of gestation continues to take calcium from her mother. Remember this and take calcium with food and food additives. Development of bone tissue of the baby is a very important process for its development. Placental hormones are concentrated on milk production in the chest. If at 34 weeks of pregnancy a baby is born, it will be considered prematurely born. The difference between him and the born in time is that the fetus is not fully mature and has features of lung tissue. But the baby breathes on his own and does not need special care. The weight of the fetus on the 34th week of pregnancy reaches 2250 grams, and the length of the baby is 32 cm. At 34 weeks the organism of the future mother continues to prepare for the birth of the child. Sometimes uterine contractions may surprise, their character is slightly different from those that have happened before. New battles for Braxton Hicks overtake you more often. This is a kind of pain that comes from the upper part of the uterus, and then descends down and gradually fading. And in order to not confuse these battles with real contractions, you need a consultation with your gynecologist. But do not lose your vigilance and worry only when the water is gone or you start leaking. In this case, immediately consult a doctor. The most important thing about all your changes is to tell the gynecologist in time and keep a positive mood.

And in general, 34 weeks of pregnancy is a wonderful time. You yourself can be pampered, and relatives with you rush, protect, feel sorry, worried. After all, after the birth of a crumb, all attention will be directed to him and you will be hurt. . Perhaps, there will be postpartum depression .

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the mom increases dramatically, but closer to childbirth you will lose weight. At this stage, you are worried about too large a baby. This fear is justified, but nevertheless everything in nature is natural and it gives a woman such a child whom she can give birth. Your task is to watch for proper nutrition and not to fatten him. Food should be balanced and limited to well-digested carbohydrates, as well as fats. Include in the diet of fruits, natural juices, fish, dairy products. On a low-calorie diet, by all means, do not sit down! In this way you will harm yourself and your child.

The child at 34 weeks is actually ready to appear. He is fully ripe and by the end of the week the lungs will be ready to breathe on their own. And if this happens, then on the seventh day after the birth you will be discharged home. Kroh at 34 weeks was determined with the correct presentation and only in rare cases the babies lie wrong. But do not despair! Still all is fixable and doctors will help to correct a situation.

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