33 week of pregnancy

33 неделя беременности фото The baby continues to change, and at the 33rd week of pregnancy the baby's pens are covered with a skin pattern. The child still has enough room for somersaults, but soon everything will stop and the wiggling of the fetus at the 33nd week of pregnancy will be hampered. The crumb continues to sleep for a long time, and when awakened, he listens to the sounds from outside. The brain activity of the baby continues to develop rapidly.

The weight of the baby at the 32nd week of pregnancy is about 2000 grams, and the length of the crumb is up to 30 cm.

Since the time of your conception, it has already been a long time, namely 7.5 months. Congratulations! There are very few left. Your uterus has greatly increased, and the physiological anemia recedes into the background, since the number of red blood cells corresponds to the volume of the plasma. A woman is more often concerned about the need for urination, and at night she has amazing dreams. This is the most favorable time. Rest more, walk in the fresh air, eat right, read positive literature, go to the theater, to exhibitions and then everything will be fine with you.

At 33 weeks of pregnancy, the child develops intensively and changes in appearance, and his wrinkled redness changes in a charming swelling, as well as with a pink skin color. The kid will continue to develop and improve. This also applies to his retina eyes. And so the 33nd week of pregnancy refers to the critical for the birth of a baby in terms of the threat of retinopathy.

A roll in the stomach, another roll! And then the problem: how to correct the presentation of the fetus? In the early stages of the baby is located, as he pleases, and as the abdomen grows for doctors, it becomes a problem to change his position. Experienced doctors are able to change the position of the fetus head down during the 8th month of pregnancy. For this, the pregnant woman is given a large amount of liquid to drink, and the skilled hands of the gynecologist do their job. If the position of the child does not change, then the doctors plan the delivery operatively - the caesarean section. There is a medical opinion that the atypical location of the child does not just arise, and this is facilitated by disposing factors. This is polyhydramnios and premature pregnancy, and in connection with this child is difficult to fix the desired position. But as it is not sad, the lowered activity also can serve as the reason of a wrong presentation of a fruit. And the exact answer you get as a result of the ultrasound. After the consultation, the doctors will decide how to deal with you and what kind of childbirth will be. Your opinion will not be taken into account, do not be offended. It's about saving your life and your baby. If the baby goes legs, then you just imagine what the consequences might be for him.

If at the 33nd week of pregnancy all the same diagnosed pelvic presentation of the child, then the chance to fix the situation is still there. The most important thing is not to miss the time and if the doctor sends to the ultrasound, then it must be done urgently.

As for sex, then at this time it's better to wait a little longer. You do not want premature birth, which means explain it intelligibly to your husband, ask him to read the literature about the risk. He will think it over and this will alert him. There is not much left at all, and the reward will be the long-awaited baby. You have a long journey and do not want to overshadow it.

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