32 week of pregnancy

32 неделя беременности фото 32 week of pregnancy - how many months? I went to the eighth month of pregnancy. At 32 weeks the kid hears wonderful and he is interested in what is happening around. Kroha recognizes the knock of my mother's heart, the sounds of peristalsis, and also the noise of blood that flows through the umbilical cord. But still he gives preference to his mother's voice. And as soon as the child appears, he will immediately trust only your voice. Most wrinkles from the child's face slowly disappear, and a large amount of hair appeared on the head. The weight of the child at the 32nd week of pregnancy is growing rapidly, and the nervous system of crumbs continues to develop. The baby's eyes narrow when the light gets on the face. The entire surface of the child's brain is cut through the gyrus. At 32 weeks the head of the crumb is leveled and becomes proportional to the body. The length of the child from the parietal part to the sacral reached 29 cm. As for the weight, it reached 1800 g at 32nd week.

To the future mother, the growing abdomen is a lot of trouble. The child at the 32nd week of pregnancy should already turn the head down, and his legs rest against the mother under the ribs. This arrangement can cause short-term pain in the chest and abdomen. Stroke the baby, change the pose and discomfort disappear. Well, in case of prolonged pains in the lower abdomen, as well as incomprehensible secretions at 32 weeks of pregnancy, immediately consult a doctor. Only he can explain the incomprehensible etiology of the origin of pain. It is possible that, if necessary, you will be hospitalized and put on storage. In this there is nothing to worry about. This is only for the benefit of you and the baby. Do not seek to cope with the pain yourself: the pier is tired, I lie down, I'll feel better. Only the doctor, after assessing the situation, will give the right recommendation regarding your health.

The internal organs of the future mother also underwent changes and shifted. This is also normal. Watch for food, do not abuse coarse fiber, but also beans, salted and water. Otherwise, if you have pain in the bowels, you can not massage and pat your belly in the right place because of the obstruction - the baby. And the sensations will be unpleasant - flatulence. And in this case, sorbents, but-spa, and enzymes for digesting food will come to the rescue. The next problem that you will encounter is the fluid retention in the body, and as a result, puffiness. We advise early to take pictures of jewelry from your fingers, as well as tight clothes and do not drink much at night. Abbreviations for Braxton Hicks in the uterus may acquire a more frequent character than also cause discomfort.

Discuss with your relatives in advance how exactly you will be taken to the hospital for delivery. If the pregnancy was proceeding well, the woman is delivered by an ambulance on the day of contractions or discharge of amniotic fluid. In case of a problematic bearing of the child, doctors recommend to lie down beforehand to the hospital for supervision and insurance. In this there is nothing to worry about. It's only for your own good. What to take with you - you will be told at the reception of the hospital and if hospitalization occurred suddenly, your loved ones will insure you and bring everything you need. Successful you flow of pregnancy! Health to you and of course baby! Now is the most gracious time of pregnancy. You do not have to hurry to work. Rest, get strength, devote this time to yourself.

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