31 weeks of pregnancy

31 неделя беременности фото At 31 weeks the baby continues to grow, you have 8 months pregnant. The crumb became chubby, and the blood vessels do not appear through the skin. The child has mastered sucking and his kidneys work well enough. Kid at 31 weeks of gestation continues to excrete urine into the amniotic fluid. Up to 500 ml of blood currently passes through the entire circulatory system of the uterus. The blood of the mother will never mix with the baby's blood, because a tiny barrier of the placental barrier separates them.

The size of the baby is up to 28 cm in length, and the weight of the child at 31 weeks of gestation approached the level of 1600 grams. At this time the pupils of the baby react to light, as in an adult. Under the skin of the baby, white adipose tissue continues to be deposited. And so the very skin of the crumbs takes on a pink color. On the hands and feet, the nails reach the level of the fingertips. They are interesting at the 31st week of gestation of the baby, but soon they will be restrained because of the large size of the fetus. Let you do not worry about the pelvic presentation of the fetus at the 31st week of pregnancy, it will change. The woman is gaining up to 8 kg during this period. This weight includes the placenta, water, uterus, blood and the baby itself.

Increasing at the 31st week, the uterus displaces gradually other internal organs and for the work of the stomach there are difficulties. Many women experience unpleasant heartburn and nausea. Recommendations for the treatment of heartburn and nausea are preventive. Eat not in large portions, do not overeat, drink soda water, for example Borjomi to reduce acidity. Immediately after eating, do not go to rest. Wait until partial digestion. With persistent heartburn, drink alkaline water during the day before the main meals.

At 31 weeks of gestation, abdominal pains are not prolonged and this is caused by somersaults. Mum's abdomen continues to increase and appearing at the 31st week of pregnancy back pain, take an unpleasant character. Relax more often, taking a pleasant pose in a chair or lying on the couch. Do not give rest and pain in the legs. Choose comfortable shoes, forget your heels, buy a cream to prevent varicose veins and at the moment of rest, lift your legs above the level of the head.

At the moment, the organism of the future mother produces the hormone relaxin. This hormone weakens the connection of the bones of the pelvis of the mother and thanks to this the pelvic ring becomes more extensible. The more supple the woman's pelvic ring, the less difficulty the child will have at birth.

Sex at the 31st week of pregnancy is possible only with the permission of physicians and then very moderately, calmly. And it is allowed to the healthiest women. Consult first with the doctors during the visit to the women's consultation, so as not to harm yourself and the baby. If there were miscarriages, it is better to forget about sex until the birth of a crumb. You have a specific goal and you need to reach it. And sex can provoke premature birth, and in spite of the fact that the baby can already exist, there is a risk for his health. Be careful while exercising at home. Do not lift anything heavy, do not go across the ice, do not be nervous, do not put on yourself beyond your plans. Set everything aside for later. Now you have another important GOAL! Remember this and take care!

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