30 week of pregnancy

30 неделя беременности фото From the 30th week of pregnancy, a woman is officially considered to be on maternity leave. How many months? You are already 7 months pregnant. This is not enough, but how much energy is spent by the body to rebuild the body. A little more and soon you will see your baby.

At 30 week the eyes of the baby are already wide open, the baby reacts to the bright directional light. The child at the 30th week of pregnancy is growing rapidly. The baby increases the amount of hair, but the skin is still wrinkled. The child has enough formed adipose tissue and for him it is not at all scary to appear prematurely into the light. If you look at ultrasound, you can see, that the baby at the 30th week of pregnancy changes the position of the chest. Breathing exercises, which makes a baby, greatly strengthen his muscles and favorably influence the development of the lungs. Just imagine that if the baby had not swallowed and inhaled this amniotic fluid, his lungs were permanently underdeveloped. The length of the baby from the crown to the sacral part reached 27 cm, and the weight of the baby at the 30th week of pregnancy approached the mark of 1400 grams. The baby developed a personal rhythm of sleep, as well as wakefulness. And just at the moment when you want to fall asleep and relax, the child is ready to be active and jump. As we add weight to the woman at the 30th week of pregnancy, her movements become not hasty. The very center of gravity of the body continues to shift and if there is scoliosis, then it becomes aggravated. Try to keep the correct posture while walking and when sitting. To maintain the belly bandage belt will come to the rescue. Belt for pregnant women at 30 weeks is a real belly support, allowing to avoid unnecessary stretch marks. You will have pain in the lower back, in the hips and sacrum. Wearing such a belt, you will feel light when walking. At selection it is very convenient, that it can be adjusted on diameter and it is fixed by a sticky tape. Many women during pregnancy are concerned about varicose veins. Statistics show that 30% of pregnant women suffer from varicose veins. Visually it looks like a vascular mesh. It can be blue or purple. But the veins can expand so much that they bulge and swell. This condition of veins is dangerous for health. And the most terrible thing is the formation of a thrombus, which will lead to a threat to the life of the mother and child. Varicose veins in pregnant women are successfully treated with such drugs as Detralex and Venoruton. Do not forget about rest for the feet, like raising the legs in a vertical position and comfortable shoes without heels.

At the 30th week of pregnancy, physical exercises are appropriate to improve the woman's well-being and fetus development. They are very helpful for women to prepare for the upcoming birth. The most important thing is to observe the norm and not exceed the load limit. And this load depends on the way of life of a woman. If you feel tired, then you must stop exercising. Such activities include walking, swimming, exercises with stretching elements. These physical exercises and stresses in the system are effective for removing the discomfort caused by pregnancy.

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