3 week of pregnancy

3 неделя беременности фото At the end of the second, and at the beginning of the third week, a child is conceived. Obstetricians calculate the duration of pregnancy from the very beginning of the last menstruation, and the conception itself begins in the middle of the menstrual cycle. And the third midwifery week is actually the first week for your child and is still a secret for the future mom. Since the moment when the male cell merges with the female one, it takes about three to six hours. Moving forward and not stopping for a second, the multimillion army of spermatozoons hurries to their goal. Doing their hard way, they meet numerous obstacles, which leads to the screening of the weak and as a result several strong spermatozoa approach the target. Spermatozoa synchronously beat their tails and thus force the egg to move slowly counter-clockwise. But in the process of fertilization of the egg, one and the most active spermatozoon will participate, and then the first division of the cell and the lightning-fast restructuring of the organism, which is necessary for maintaining the pregnancy, will begin. In the body of a woman, chemical reactions change, the innervation of the uterus changes, the defenses of the body are reduced - immunity (in order that the organism mistakenly does not reject the fertilized egg, taking it for neoplasm). Pregnancy at week 3 can not be called a fetus and a fetal egg, but during this week the future embryo is constantly growing and its number of cells doubles. After fertilization, the embryo has 32 cells, and in shape it resembles a mulberry and has the name of a morula. Morula has a cavity inside and from its formation begins embryogenesis (the development of the body of the baby and its organs). On the fifth day the wall of the morula turns into a two-layer wall, and the outer layer of cells subsequently gives rise to a trophoblast process, from which the placenta is subsequently formed, as well as the fetal membranes. By the end of 3 weeks the number of cells increases to 250, and the shape resembles an empty ball with a diameter of 0.1 - 0.2 mm. Of the two parental cells, during fertilization, one is formed. This is a zygote with a unique genetic code that determines the gender, character, the color of the eyes of the future child. The zygote on the seventh day moves slowly to the uterus, taking with them for the first time food - a yellow body. And after attaching to the uterus it becomes very important what and how the future mom eats. Now the development of the embryo depends on the mental and physical state of the future mother. There comes the process of restructuring the woman's body

Signs of pregnancy at week 3

At this time of pregnancy, the symptoms in women are still weakly expressed, because the body has just begun to change and the signs themselves are not distinct. Sensations of a woman at 3 weeks are associated with an increase in the blood progesterone, as well as the chorionic gonadotropin. From their influence, the work of the systems of the body, as well as of the internal organs, changes. Changing metabolism itself, because the task of hormones to create adequate conditions for the normal development of the child. And as one of the consequences of changes - the termination of men's periods. This is not the only sign. Gynecologists distinguish 3 groups of signs: probable, probable and objective. Presumptive or imaginary signs of pregnancy are not accurate and are psychogenic. They arise because of a strong desire of a woman to become pregnant. Appearance of imaginary signs in the absence of appetite, the appearance of sensitivity to smells and drooling. Probable signs of pregnancy are manifested in a change in the genitals, breast enlargement and delay in menstruation. And the objective signs of pregnancy make the diagnosis unquestionable, and these are the palpable parts of the body, the wiggling of the fetus and his heartbeat. This really can be determined only at the 16-17 week of pregnancy.

But in the first weeks of pregnancy signs do not appear in all women. It happens that pregnancy is not detected immediately and symptoms appear after a few months. And often the first sign of pregnancy is ... a cold. This is due to the fact that the hormonal background changes and the woman can feel a chill with an increase in body temperature and a feeling of heat. There may be nasal congestion and runny nose, a feeling of weakness and insomnia. Really can join ARVI, because of a decrease in immunity due to pregnancy. This sign even before the delay of the monthly makes it clear about the changes in the body of a woman, but to regard every common cold as a pregnancy is not worth it.

The next appearing signs in the third week are allocation in the form of spots smearing on underwear brown or cream color, painful sensations in the chest. (учащенное мочеиспускание) в первое время после зачатия и молочница . Can disturb cystitis (frequent urination) at the first time after conception and thrush . или диарея (понос) , тошнота, рвота, слюнотечение появляются после задержки месячных, но чувствительные женщины ощущают раньше. The presence of bloating, as well as constipation or diarrhea (diarrhea) , nausea, vomiting, drooling appear after the delay of menstruation, but sensitive women feel earlier. The appearance of heartburn and discomfort in the epigastric part of the stomach in combination with early toxicosis. Painful sensations in the chest and nipples, enlarged uterus and the absence of menstruation gives reason to believe that you are pregnant. . But do not rush to draw conclusions, but wait for the delay and conduct a pregnancy test.

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