нейроциркуляторная дистония фото Neurocirculatory dystonia is a symptomatic complex of a neurogenic nature that arises as a result of the influence of a number of etiological provoking factors, manifested in the appearance of pulse instability and arterial pressure, cardialgia, respiratory disorders, vegetative disorders, tonus disorders Read the full post »


кардиомегалия фото Cardiomegaly is a change in the shape, parameters and total mass of the heart toward an increase in these parameters, which is the manifestation of the main chronic cardiac, and sometimes extra-cardiac pathological changes. In most situations, this term means not a separate nosological unit, but a syndrome. Read the rest of this entry »

Heart mixoma

миксома сердца фото Mixoma of the heart is an intracavitary primary tumor of the heart, distinguished by benign course and endocardial origin. In connection with the fact that the myxoma of the heart has a characteristic rounded shape and is attached to the inner wall by means of a long "leg", with echocardioscopy, it has the appearance of a mobile neoplasm with distinct smooth contours. Read the rest of this entry »

Atrial fibrillation

фибрилляция предсердий фото Atrial fibrillation is an asynchronous excitation and subsequent reduction of individual areas of the atria, resulting from an abnormal, disorganized electrical activity of the atrial myocardium, accompanied by a reading of the whole record »

Rheumatic carditis

ревмокардит фото Rheumatic carditis is the most significant manifestation of rheumatic fever, which allows you to determine the severity of the underlying disease and the tactics of managing the patient. Rheumatic heart disease can be the only isolated Read the full post »

Mitral insufficiency

митральная недостаточность фото Mitral failure is one of the types of myocardial infarction, which is characterized by incomplete prolapse or closure of the valves of the left atrioventicular valve during systole. Reverse blood flow occurs with every ventricular contraction. The most common form of heart valve abnormalities is Read the full entry »

Mitral stenosis

митральный стеноз фото Mitral stenosis is an isthmic narrowing of the lumen of the atrioventricular aperture to the left, which exerts resistance to the blood flow to the left heart during the diastolic relaxation of the ventricles of the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Mitral valve insufficiency

недостаточность митрального клапана фото Mitral valve insufficiency is the development of regurgitation of arterial blood in the cavities of the left heart during the systolic contraction of the ventricular myocardium, which occurs against the background of disturbed closure of the mitral valve fold structures.

On the share of an isolated defect in the form of mitral insufficiency Read the rest of this entry »