люмбаго фото Lumbago is a vertebrogenic syndrome that manifests itself in changes in the lumbar region of the volume of movements, acute pain, deformation of the lumbar spine with tenderness of tissues and muscle tension. And if we speak in a simple way, this is the so-called "back lumbago", when a person after the appearance of a sharp shooting in the lumbar region can not straighten up and must take a bent position. It is in the position in which the person overtook the pain, he Read the full entry »


лордоз фото Lordosis is a congenital or acquired forward curvature of the spine, most often located in the lumbar and cervical divisions. Usually, this disease manifests itself during the period of formation and growth of the body in adolescence due to a violation of proper posture, or in the presence of any diseases of the spine. Distinguish pathological and normal lordosis.

– это заболевание, возникающее вследствие воздействия различных внешних факторов, которое проявляется уменьшением или увеличением естественных изгибов позвоночника. Pathological lordosis is a disease that arises from the influence of various external factors, which is manifested by a decrease or increase in the natural curves of the spine. Read the rest of this entry »


кифоз фото Kyphosis - C-shaped congenital or acquired curvature of the upper spine beyond its normal bending, resulting in the appearance of a hump. Most often there is kyphosis of the thoracic spine, while cases of lumbar and cervical kyphosis are extremely rare. Kyphosis is divided into physiological and pathological. Read the rest of this entry »


бурсит фото Bursitis is a purulent inflammatory lesion of the periarticular mucous (synovial) sac, resulting in the formation and accumulation of exudate in its cavity. Synovial bags are located between the bones and tendons, that is, in places of significant mechanical Read the full entry »

The back hurts

болит спина фото One of the main causes of back pain are various diseases of the spine. In this case, lesions of intervertebral discs, joints, ligaments, vertebrae and back muscles occur. It should be understood that back pain is a symptom that can occur or resume if an adverse situation occurs. Cessation of back pain does not mean recovery, because pain can arise again. But when exactly this happens, directly depends Read the full entry »

Osteoporosis - treatment, prevention

остеопороз фото Osteoporosis (fragility of bones) is a progressive systemic disease of the bone system, in which the structure is broken and bone tissue density is reduced. This disease is manifested by the degradation of the structure of bone tissue and loss of bone mass, which leads to Read the entire entry »

Bechterew's disease

болезнь бехтерева фото Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis) is a systemic chronic inflammatory disease of the joints and spine that belongs to the group of seronegative polyarthritis. This disease is mainly affected by men aged from fifteen to thirty years, and their number exceeds the number of sick women in five to ten times. Although it is believed that in fact, Bekhterev's disease in women is not so rare, just in its own way. Read the full entry »

Reactive arthritis

реактивный артрит фото Reactive arthritis is a non-inflammatory inflammatory disease of the joints, which in most cases develops as a result of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system and genital organs. Usually, reactive arthritis develops in two to four weeks from the time of infection, and all this time, which provoked the disease, the infection Read the full entry »