лимфопения фото Lymphopenia is a transient or permanent decrease in the concentration of lymphocytic blood cells in the total volume of circulating blood, less than 1000 in 1 μl. A prolonged course of lymphopenia can provoke an activation of the opportunistic Read the full entry »

Hemolytic disease

гемолитическая болезнь фото Hemolytic disease of the newborns is a nonphysiological development of hemolytic anemia of the isoimmune type, which arises as a result of the incompatibility of the erythrocyte antigens of the fetus and the mother's blood, which contains a high concentration of antibodies to these antigens. Read the full entry »


гемолиз фото Hemolysis is the physiological destruction of blood cells, namely cells of the erythrocyte series, which reflects the natural process of their aging. Direct destruction of blood cells of the erythrocyte series occurs under the action of hemolysin, in the role of which most often acts as bacterial toxins. Read the rest of this entry »


Hyperbilirubinemia is a pathological change in blood serum, which is manifested in an increase in the bilirubin concentration, which is the result of the increased breakdown of hemoglobin. Read the rest of this entry »


эозинофилия фото Eosinophilia is an increase in the relative or absolute value of the level of eosinophilic blood cells. Eosinophilia is regarded as a manifestation of various diseases and transient pathological conditions of the body and for its recognition a necessary condition is the conduct Read the full entry »

Hypovolemic shock

гиповолемический шок фото Hypovolemic shock is a critical condition of the body that occurs in the case of a sharp decrease in the effective volume of circulating blood. The name of the term "shock" comes from a French or English consonant word, which is literally Read the full entry »


фото двс-синдрома DIC-syndrome is a general pathological nonspecific process, the emergence of which is due to the introduction of coagulant properties of blood in the general bloodstream of stimulants, as well as stimulation of platelet aggregation capacity, which creates conditions for enhanced education. Read the rest of this entry »


гемобластозы фото Hemoblastoses are neoplasms that develop from hematopoietic cells. Hemoblastosis is divided into several types: leukemia and hematosarcoma. They are distinguished by the systemic nature of the lesion. If the bone marrow is primarily affected by leukemia, then when reading the entire entry »