перикоронарит фото Pericoronaritis (in some sources - pericoronitis) is an inflammatory process that takes place in the gingival hood and soft tissues around the erupting wisdom tooth, mainly on the lower jaw. Complicated by a purulent process (purulent pericoronaritis), the spread of infection in the Read the full entry »


хейлит фото Halilit is an inflammatory disease of the red border of the lips, which is characterized by a prolonged course and is often combined with dyskeratosis and stomatitis. The disease is equally common in representatives of both sexes, there are data on the incidence of children. Read the rest of this entry »

Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw

Одонтогенный остеомиелит челюсти Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaw is the most common purulent inflammatory disease of the maxillofacial area. Odontogenic osteomyelitis in its current is divided into acute, subacute and chronic forms, and by localization to osteomyelitis of the upper body. Read the rest of this entry »


Пародонтит Parodontitis is an inflammatory disease, manifested in the destruction of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth (periodontium). With this disease, the infection penetrates into the space between the gum and the tooth, resulting in the destruction of the ligament of the tooth with the bone. Result of this Read the full post »


нома Noma (Gangrenous stomatitis, water cancer) is a serious disease characterized by gangrenous lesions of the tissues of the face and oral cavity. Noma is expressed by the development of putrefactive necrotic process, which begins with the mucosa and has a tendency to further very rapid spread and destruction of tissues. Gangrenous lesions of this nature are sometimes observed in girls on the external genitalia, Read the full entry »


пульпит Pulpitis is an inflammation of the pulp and internal structures of the tooth, resulting from the penetration of pathogenic microbes into the flesh of the tooth. This disease is characterized by severe unbearable pain, painful sensations from various Read the full post »

Enamel hypoplasia

Гипоплазия эмали Hypoplasia of enamel is a defect in the development of tooth tissues, which manifests itself in the violation of the mineralization and structure of the teeth tissues during their formation. In most cases there is a violation of the formation of only enamel, but in some particularly severe cases and Read the full entry »

Jaws periosteum

Периостит челюсти Periostitis of the jaw (inflammation of the periosteum) is an inflammatory process that develops as a complication of periodontal and dental tissue diseases, with a center of inflammation in the periosteum. The danger of periostitis lies in the fact that the inflammatory process can develop almost imperceptibly and affect first the inner, and after and the outer layer of the periosteum. Read the full entry »