Arterial hypertension

артериальная гипертония фото Arterial hypertension is a pathological or physiological predisposition to a sharp or gradual increase in the indices of both the systolic and diastolic component of intravascular blood pressure. Read the rest of this entry »

Arterial hypotension

артериальная гипотония фото Arterial hypotension is a tendency to a sharp or permanent decrease in both the systolic component and the diastolic component of the arterial pressure. It is necessary to distinguish between systemic arterial hypotension and isolated diastolic depression Read the full post »


тромбоз фото Thrombosis is a vascular disease caused by accelerated and excessive clotting of blood, accompanied by a violation of blood flow in the lumen of the vessel and, as a consequence, trophic Read the full entry »

Varicose veins

варикоз фото Varicose veins are a pathology that results in the widening of the superficial veins, and there is a deficiency in the venous valve apparatus, leading to a disruption in the circulation. Varicose is a fairly common pathology and although it is a disease, Read the rest of this entry »

Deep vein thrombosis

тромбоз глубоких вен фото Deep vein thrombosis is a condition in which thrombi (blood clots) are formed. Basically, deep vein thrombosis is formed in the lower limbs and is much less common with other localizations. At women predisposition is more to the given disease because of reception Read the full post »


лимфангит фото Lymphangitis is a chronic or acute inflammatory lesion of lymphatic vessels. Lymphangitis belongs to a secondary pathology, since the primary cause is local infection. The defeat of the inflammation of the vessels of the lymphatic system does not have a Read more »

Lung infarction

инфаркт легкого фото Lung infarction is a special disease that develops due to the influence of certain causes - thrombotic occlusions in the pulmonary blood flow system. Lung infarction is accompanied by rapid (within 24 hours) development of the process and exclusion of the affected area from the general scheme of functioning. Read the rest of this entry »

Pulmonary hypertension

легочная гипертензия фото Pulmonary hypertension is a definite condition of the pulmonary system, during which the intravascular pressure sharply increases in the pulmonary artery blood flow. It is interesting that pulmonary hypertension develops due to the effect of one of the two main pathological processes: both due to a sharp increase in the volume of the blood flow itself and Read the full entry »