филофобия фото Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or the fear of a real great human feeling of love. And what is love? By love is meant an intimate, as well as a sincere feeling directed at another person. Love includes the will to persevere and be faithful. Read the rest of this entry »


мутизм фото Mutism from Latin means dumb, mute. Neurology relates this phenomenon to a neurotic disturbance of speech, manifested in dumbness, and also in refusal of speech. Psychiatry considers mutism as a manifestation of delusions, severe hysteria, and hallucinations. For this Read the full post »


клептомания фото Kleptomania is a mental disorder, expressed in impulsive, unmotivated obsessional theft of objects that are not at all necessary to a person and have no meaning for him. Kleptomania delivers too many problems to the sufferer Read the rest of this entry »


ксенофобия фото Xenophobia is expressed in the fear of foreigners, as well as fear and hatred of everything foreign, unfamiliar, unfamiliar, incomprehensible, perceived as dangerous and therefore hostile. In the event that xenophobia is elevated to the rank of worldview, then it acts as the cause of national enmity. Read the full entry »


аэрофобия фото Aerophobia is expressed in fear of cold air and manifests itself in the form of a painful aversion to air, as well as fear of drafts. Aerophobia has another meaning, which means obsessive fear of flying on airplanes. At present, this is a very common phenomenon that interferes with the reading of the entire entry »


социофобия фото Sociophobia or fear of society is expressed in uncontrolled anxious fear, completely paralyzing the will of a person and complicating his social contacts. One of the patients suffering from social phobia and attending a psychiatrist told that she suffers from the presence of people, Read the full entry »


арахнофобия фото Arachnophobia or, as it is also called fear of spiders, against the background of all other phobic fears for others is the most understandable. Arachnophobia is a panic fear of absolutely any spider, and uncontrollable fear is caused not only by exotic big ones. Read the rest of this entry »


гомофобия фото Homophobia is a collective definition of the negative attitude towards homosexuality, and also acts as a fear of homosexuality. Homophobia takes a worthy place along with such concepts as racism, xenophobia, sexism, and read the full entry »