Sweating in children

потница фото Sweating in children is a kind of skin disease, characterized by the development of rashes on the skin surface in the type of vesicles as a result of the large amount of the released fluids. Sweating in children is considered a phenomenon that increases in summer. The mass of parents, because of the increased care, begin to wrap their children, not paying attention to the current weather conditions. For this reason, the child begins to read the entire entry »

Infusion in adults

потница фото Inflammation in adults is the appearance on the surface of the skin of small erythematous vesicles, which are usually accompanied by swelling and skin pruritus. Adult sweat is considered not very common, but it's worth knowing that she can Read the full entry »

Sweating in newborns

потница у новорожденных фото Inflammation in newborns is an erythematous rash on the skin that looks like a rash. Newborn children are very often prone to this disease, because their skin is very sensitive to both temperature changes and irritants from the external environment. Read the rest of this entry »


фурункул фото Furuncle is an acute disease of the skin with the formation of purulent contents in the damaged area in various parts of the body. As a rule, the process has a purulent-necrotic character, in which there is not only inflammation of the tissues, but also the process of inflammation of the hair. Read the rest of this entry »


флегмона фото Phlegmon - acute extensive purulent process of inflammation in fatty tissue. The abscess is distinguished by the absence of clearly defined boundaries. By localization, phlegmon is distinguished as subfascial, subcutaneous, retroperitoneal, intermuscular, pericarpal, near-rectum. Возбудителями флегмоны Read the rest of this entry »


пролежни фото Bedsores are changes in the tissues of a dystrophic and ulcerative-necrotic nature. Bedsores appear on the exposed areas of the body. Also they are formed due to various neurotrophic disorders, y Read the full post »


панариций фото Panaritium is an acute purulent or serous inflammation of the tissues of the fingers. The development of the disease almost always begins with the penetration of pathogens of a purulent infection (either Staphylococcus aureus or its association with others Read the full entry »


сикоз фото Sycosis - a chronic or acute, often relapsing inflammation of the skin, usually due to the penetration of staphylococci into the hair follicles. Mostly this disease develops in men, especially if they have functional disorders. Read the rest of this entry »