Allergic cough

аллергический кашель фото Coughing is not always a symptom of colds or other acute respiratory viral infections. Sometimes the cause of annoying strong dry cough may be some allergic disease. It is in this case that the so-called allergic cough develops, Read the full entry »


аллергия фото Allergy - the increased sensitivity of the body's immune defense, which is observed in the case of repeated exposure of the allergen to an organism sensitized earlier by this allergen. In other words, the immune system is influenced by a number of definite Read the full entry »

Allergy to cosmetics

аллергия на косметику фото Today in the arsenal of any woman there is a huge amount of all sorts of auxiliary cosmetic products that help her in daily caring for herself. According to the research read the full entry »

Allergic dermatitis

аллергический дерматит фото Allergic dermatitis is a common dermatological disease of an allergic nature, developing as a response to the effect of an irritating factor, in our case the allergen. The appearance of an allergic dermatitis Read the full post »

Allergic conjunctivitis

аллергический коньюктивит фото Today, there is a significant increase in the number of various allergic diseases, with the course of which there is eye damage. These include eye lesions in patients with pollinosis, allergic read the full entry »

Allergic rhinitis

аллергический ринит фото Allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis) - perhaps the most common disease with which people seek help from an allergist. This article will contain the most complete information about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of allergic rhinitis. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergy to fluff

аллергия на пух фото Allergy to poplar fluff is a kind of seasonal allergy, which in its pure form, according to most researchers, does not exist. In itself, poplar fluff does not possess allergenic properties, whereas spores and Read the full entry »

Allergy to mosquitoes

аллергия на комаров фото Allergy to mosquito bites (kulicidosis) is the response allergic reaction of the body to the ingress of the allergen contained in the saliva to the blood stream. As a rule, mosquitoes do not represent a real danger to human health, although the Read the full entry »