28 week of pregnancy

28 неделя беременности фото Starting from the 28th week the child is ready to be born. How many months? You are now six and a half months old. The kid is already opening his eyes and many are blue. The final eye color will be established some time after birth. The child at the 28th week of pregnancy is at full speed showing interest in life behind the stomach: he listens to the sounds, speech of parents, to music. And as studies show - kids start to learn their mother tongue in mother's belly. Therefore, it is understandable why the child's cry so closely resembles the voice of my mother. In the cortex of the child's brain there are formed and developed convolutions. Baby's brain mass continues to increase. And the hair on the head of the fetus grows longer.

The size of the fetus from the parietal part to the sacrum reaches 25 cm. The weight of the baby at the 28th week of pregnancy is approximately 1100 grams. The alveoli develop rapidly in the lungs, after a while they will be 50 million. The child continues to accumulate fatty deposits, and the baby can still be inside the uterus either head forward or legs. Wiggling of the baby at the 28th week of pregnancy is of an active nature. The baby still has enough space and time to take the right position and prepare for childbirth. A child born at the 28th week of pregnancy has all chances for a prosperous existence in this world with all legal rights. But nevertheless the best variant of sorts on 40 week of pregnancy. Then the baby will be fully formed and developed, and my mother will be more calm for the child. From 28 weeks women visit the gynecologist. There is a necessary delivery of tests and tests. These include a test for detecting the level of iron, a test for glucose tolerance. If a negative Rh factor is detected, it will be necessary to test for antibodies.

At the 28th week of pregnancy it is useful for information to get acquainted with such moments as anesthesia during childbirth, as well as episiotomy and stimulation of labor. With this you will have to face during childbirth and so you are ready for it. To strengthen the bone system of the baby and for yourself, continue to consume calcium. It is noticed that moms could save their teeth in this way, using daily products rich in calcium.

At 7 month, the mammary glands start the process of producing a thick substance - colostrum. Colostrum says that soon, after the birth of a crumb, there will be a rush of milk. In general, the development of colostrum is an individual process that can occur later. After delivery from the breast, colostrum will be allocated up to 5 mg. This is the volume that the baby needs at first.

At 28 weeks of gestation, the length of the umbilical cord reaches up to 100 cm. The baby is able to distinguish between food and taste. The amount of subcutaneous tissue of a child also increases, so the skin of the child is gradually leveled. The child's heartbeat is actually tapped by a phonendoscope. And if you send a bright light to the abdominal area, the crumb closes and turns away from a bright source of irritation. The child continues to react actively to the sounds and it is possible to fix how the kid is rampant at the moment of loud sounds and how calms down when he heard the voice of mom and dad. The woman's uterus continues to grow and at this time she rose 8 cm from the level of the navel, and from the pubic symphysis by 28 cm. During the entire pregnancy, you could gain in weight from 7 to 11 kg. Do not worry at the expense of excess weight gain, after birth, your weight will be restored if you follow the diet.

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