27th week of pregnancy

27 неделя беременности фото 27 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? The woman is 7 months pregnant, and the child reached the third trimester of intrauterine life. Crumbs have all the necessary organ systems. The brain has achieved rapid growth over the past three months. Skin covers of the baby look very wrinkled. This is due to staying in the water environment of the baby, but everything changes dramatically before childbirth. The baby blinks at regular intervals at the 27th week of pregnancy. The face of the child has already formed, but there are still no plump cheeks. They will necessarily appear, but closer to the very birth.

The size of the fetus on the 27th week of pregnancy from the parietal part to the sacrum varies within 24 cm. The weight of the small one reaches 1000 grams.

Starting from the 27th week, the child can independently exist and the chances of surviving after preterm delivery within 85%. But nevertheless for the successful nursing of the child, efforts are needed. The kid immediately gets into the box where the premature babies are nursed and it will be connected to the artificial respiration apparatus.

What happens to a woman at the 27th week of pregnancy? The woman herself has high cholesterol. But this should not be an excuse for excitement. Cholesterol for the placenta is an important building material. The placenta with cholesterol produces different kinds of hormones. They include progesterone, which is involved in the development of the mammary glands, as well as relieving tension in the uterus. Starting with the 27th week of pregnancy, the woman is gaining weight confidently. Do not let this frighten you. Much of the woman's weight is made up of amniotic fluid, as well as a sharply increased volume of blood. And the increase in the mass indicates a healthy change in the body of a pregnant woman. On average, a pregnant woman attains between 10 and 13 kg for the entire period. And in parallel, even every pregnant woman has mammary glands. In ordinary women, the mass of the breast is up to 200 grams, while in pregnant women the mass of the breast increases to 800 grams. A difficult period has begun for a woman and it happens that a woman can become dizzy, and as a result, a fall occurs. Try not to walk alone, and if this happens, then slowly, do not be nervous. If it so happened that you fell, then monitor your health and, if necessary, consult a doctor. For you and the child may be a risk of detachment of the placenta.

Since the 27th week of pregnancy, women are recommended to attend training courses for childbirth. These courses have a good opportunity to communicate with the same pregnant women, ask interesting questions to specialists, learn how to take care of a newborn, get rid of fears before giving birth. Very effective are attending classes in yoga, where the future mother will be taught to breathe properly at the time of delivery, prepare for motherhood; teach how to own your emotions and mood swings, how to hear your body with an effective benefit for yourself and your child, how to prevent the approaching stress, and chronic tension during pregnancy.

Sex at the 27th week of pregnancy can deliver many pleasant minutes to parents and children. But if you have suspicious discharge, pain, it is better to refrain and seek help from a doctor who will explain the situation.

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