25th week of pregnancy

25 неделя беременности фото 25 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? You have started the seventh month of pregnancy, which was the beginning of intensive strengthening in the osteoarticular system. And for several weeks the heart of the baby is very well listened. Doctors can hear this well with a stethoscope or a special tube. But the heartbeat can be heard without medical devices. If the future father will put an ear to the mother's stomach, then with absolute silence you can clearly hear the child's heartbeat. The sex of the fetus is already definitively determined, so future parents have something to think about, namely, how to name the child. At 7 month the boy's testicles descend into the scrotum, and the vagina of the girls finishes the design.

The size of the fetus on the 25th week of pregnancy from the crown to the sacrum is up to 22 cm, and the weight of the baby is rapidly growing and has already reached 700 grams. The fingers of the baby acquire skill and are perfectly compressed into the fists. A child already gives preference to a hand. It is now determined who will be your baby - right-handed or left-handed. On the fingers themselves, a fingerprint pattern appears. On the 25th week of gestation, the perturbations are very energetic. And that the child is awake, the child will notify with kick and jerks. His dexterity is amazing, because a kid can grab his own leg. The child's movements on the 25th week of pregnancy are no longer calm and not at all tender. The child developed an individual mode of sleep, as well as wakefulness.

The female womb has increased to the size of a large ball. This gives an inconvenience, presses on the diaphragm, as well as on the subcostal area, very significantly displaces the stomach. And as a result, gastric juice sometimes rises, falls into the esophagus and causes heartburn. This phenomenon is very noticeable after a plentiful meal. Therefore, to prevent heartburn and other problems associated with digestion, try not to overeat. Nutrition at the 25th week of pregnancy is saturated with vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable and animal fats. But do not forget about small portions of your favorite dishes and the frequency of food, limiting yourself to liquids and salt, to prevent swelling. Do not abuse high-calorie foods: chocolate, citrus, fish caviar, coffee. These products can trigger the appearance in the child of diathesis in the future, food allergies for anything: milk, tomato, sugar, cereals, citrus, chocolate.

And so, in general, the woman's mood and well-being remain good for 7 months. But if a woman has a stomach ache at the 25th week of pregnancy, bloody or watery discharge has appeared, then do not hesitate, but seek help from doctors. You will be hospitalized, prescribed the necessary treatment after the examination, create a calm atmosphere where you will forget about your worldly problems and devote yourself to your pregnancy. Do not be afraid of the hospital. Staying at home, you only aggravate the situation. You will grab for household chores, and not lie on the couch, go shopping, and not gain strength, eating already brought fruits and favorite treats. Think about yourself, and the housewives will cope without you magnificently. They will also discover culinary skills and learn to be independent. Think about it.

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