22 week of pregnancy

22 неделя беременности фото At 22 weeks of pregnancy the child continues to develop rapidly and grow up. The crooks continue to improve, the hair on the baby's head grows. But the pigment melanin, responsible for the color of hair, will appear in the crumbs much later. Perception of the child is improved from day to day. It is important to touch the baby in his personal development. The child loves to move handles and legs, touches his own face, flexes with pleasure the handles and legs, strokes them. If he has a desire to suck a finger, then he independently decides how best to do it. And he chooses a variant convenient for himself: either he tilts his head, or pulls his finger to his mouth. And after the birth of a child will know the surrounding world and everything that is happening around him with the help of sight, as well as taste sensations. The child, being in the stomach, responds very well to the sounds, hears them, distinguishes the voices of his parents, is able to sing out his favorite sounds, he starts to like certain music. Your task is to observe, offering a choice of different repertoire. The baby will react at the 22nd week of pregnancy with his movements, jerks or fading with pleasure. The size of the fetus on the 22nd week of pregnancy from the parietal part to the sacral, up to 19 cm. Your child resembles a corn cob. His weight at 22 weeks gestation to 350 grams.

Mom's well-being at week 22 remains good. The volume of blood is rapidly increasing because of the plasma. Plasma is the liquid constituent of blood, which dissolves blood cells. For this reason, pregnant women are diagnosed with physiological anemia. And the degree of dilution of the blood is called hematocrit. A high threshold of hematocrit is fixed from 22 weeks. Physicians physiological anemia is perceived as a normal phenomenon. But nevertheless, consultation will not be superfluous and adherence to a diet with the maximum amount of iron will not hurt. This way you will avoid anemia.

From this week, the sexuality of a woman increases and her libido increases. This is the happiest period of all pregnant women. There is a gradual increase in weight to 5 kg. Due to an increase in the total blood flow in the body, there is an increase in vaginal secretion and an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones. There is a great chance of getting an orgasm during intercourse. Sex at week 22 will not bring harm to the child, but on the contrary, will bring pleasant emotions. Poses, of course, should be chosen sparing woman and her stomach. The fetus at the 22nd week of pregnancy reliably feels itself under the membranes, as well as amniotic fluid and it does not really hurt him. Therefore, if there is no restriction on the part of the gynecologist, then sex will benefit the future mother. This will strengthen the family, calm the nervous system and give confidence to the future father. In the sense that he is also still loved and he is worthy of attention, like your future baby.

If you feel a contraction of the uterus - do not be scared. So the body is preparing for childbirth. The canal in the cervix is ​​gradually filled with mucous and thick cork. She will leave before the birth. If you are concerned about cramps in your legs - lack of calcium on your face. Immediately enter in the diet of food enriched with calcium.

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