21 weeks of pregnancy

21 неделя беременности фото The baby at the 21st week of pregnancy continues to grow rapidly and his nervous system has reached such a level that the baby is able to swallow amniotic fluid. The swallowed part of the liquid is safely digested, and the material in the form of discarded skin cells enters the rectum. Until the birth of the fallen cells will be in the rectum and only then will be withdrawn by the first contractions of the intestine. In the blood of the infant, a lot of red blood cells are already contained. This week, white blood cells are being developed at full speed, which are responsible for the elimination of infections. On the tongue the baby has taste buds. As for the digestive tract, it is capable of Separate water and sugar from amniotic fluid, and then pass the fibrous part into the rectum. The baby's eyes are still hidden behind the centuries. The child on his own at the 21st week of pregnancy continues to actively move as he wishes (upside down or parallel to the floor surface). The kid from displacements receives enormous pleasure, and especially it is appreciable to mummy at night. If the movements, tremors, somersaults on the 21st week of pregnancy cause trouble, then stroke your belly, talk to the child, sing a song. From the touch of the mother to the stomach, the child calms down. The size of the fetus at 21 weeks of gestation from the parietal part to the sacrum reaches 18 cm. The baby with the size of a large banana, and the weight of the fetus at 21 weeks of pregnancy is from 300 grams.

And the woman herself from this week until the thirtieth will gradually and confidently gain weight. The child will continue to save fat, and the weight gain will be 50% of the total increase. Now it is understandable that a woman begins to sharply feel an increase in appetite. Studies are such that from 21 weeks, an increase in metabolism begins, and the mother requires an additional 500 calories. Your appetite can surprise with an unexpected desire to eat. The bottom of the uterus essentially continues to rise and the upper edge of the uterus is somewhere 1.25 cm above the navel. Mom may have shortness of breath, trouble sleeping because of toilet visits at night, heartburn.

The woman's emotional state is gradually stabilized and she is less irritable, the mood is more stable, the energy is enough for activity. You like yourself, but can cause discomfort at the 21st week of pregnancy: it is pain in the back, on the sides, swelling of the legs. Future mothers have beautiful hair, clean skin, puffy breasts. Weight gain exceeded 4 kg. For a full sleep, we recommend a relaxing bath, a walk before going to bed, and a glass of warm tea. But remember that you can not take hot baths!

The sex of the child at 21 weeks is freely diagnosed with the help of ultrasound. Do not be surprised if the weight and height of the child will be more or less than indicated in the articles. All this is individual and depends on the complexion of the parents.

The belly of a pregnant woman at 21 weeks is not recommended to squeeze tight clothing, you may need to purchase a bandage. These special auxiliary antenatal bandages help from unpleasant sensations.

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