20 week of pregnancy

20 неделя беременности фото 20 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? Half way passed! We congratulate you on this! You got halfway through your pregnancy. This is four and a half months. 20 week of pregnancy is characterized by a sharp increase in the baby. The baby gradually thickens the skin, it becomes four-layer. Sebaceous glands of the child produce a waxy secret, namely the original grease. This is a secretion of white and cream color, which covers the folds of the baby, as well as some parts of the body. The role of lubrication is to protect the skin of a baby that swims in the amniotic liquid. This lubricant is stored on the peel with the fluff of Lanugo. Often, this lubricant is stored throughout the pregnancy and it is wiped after the birth of the newborn. Twitches on the 20th week of pregnancy are progressive. A tiny toddler with a small scalp on his head and small nails on his limbs likes yawning, somersaulting, sucking a finger, playing with the umbilical cord. The sound tube, as well as an electronic monitor, can listen to the child's heart. The heart rate reaches up to 150 per minute.

The size of the fetus on the 20th week of pregnancy from the crown to the sacrum to 16 cm. The child at the moment with the size of a small melon. Weight of a baby from 260 grams. On the 20th week of pregnancy, the uterus rises higher. The tummy begins to come forward. And the uterus can so push on the stomach, that the navel is able to bulge forward, like a button or be smoothed. On the tummy appear stretch marks in the form of strips of red-brown color. Stretch marks can grow together with pregnancy. There may be difficulties with breathing due to raising the diaphragm upwards and pressing it. This occurs until the child falls into the very cavity of the pelvis. And at the first pregnancy this happens two weeks before the birth of the child, and with repeated pregnancies before the birth.

At the baby on the 20th week the original cal - meconium is formed. The baby's eyes are closed, but the fruit itself is perfectly orientated in the uterus. If Mom is waiting for twins, then the babies are able to hold on to the handles and find each other. Women waiting for the first-born feel the frequent movements of the fetus on the 20th week of pregnancy, which speak of the spontaneous activity of the muscles of the child. Wiggling occurs usually up to 8 times per hour. And increases the movement at the time of impoverishment of blood from the mother. In the process of increasing the motor activity of the fetus - the work of the heart becomes more frequent, and the arterial pressure and blood flow in the body increase, which leads to an increase in oxygen and, of course, nutrients. The motor activity of the baby has a favorable effect on the development of muscles and the brain.

Because of the pressure exerted by the uterus on the stomach, mummy can develop heartburn, which will last up to several hours. To relieve the condition of a pregnant woman, caused by heartburn, you can drink water to lower the acidity (soda) and adhere to special diets. This condition is characterized by an unpleasant sensation in the chest (like burning). It occurs because of the ingestion of stomach contents (mainly acidic) into the esophagus. . Heartburn itself can accompany the entire pregnancy . The main causes of heartburn are increased intra-abdominal pressure, as well as the very change in the hormonal background of the woman's body.

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