19 week of pregnancy

19 неделя беременности фото The baby continues to develop at the 19th week of pregnancy. How many months? The woman continues to go the fifth month of pregnancy, and the crumb goes to the full growth of the brain. And the fact that the baby has a disproportionately large head is a sign of how important the role of the brain is in this period. Neurons, as well as nerve cells responsible for the connection of the brain and muscles, have already taken their place. And so the baby's movements become more specific. Under the rudiments of the baby teeth, the rudiments of permanent teeth are already emerging. The child acquires proportional dimensions of the limb. His foot is not more than 2.5 cm and its proportions relative to the shins and thighs will now become permanent.

The size of the fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy reaches up to 15 cm. Your child resembles a young zucchini, and its weight at 19 weeks of pregnancy from 200 grams. Since this week, the growth of the fetus is slowing down and the stage of fat formation is going on. This is the most important and necessary source of heat for the child (at the base of the neck, around the kidneys, behind the chest). The baby's lungs develop, and the blood flow itself increases, and bronchioles also grow. This week the eyes are closed, but the child with might and main distinguishes light from darkness. If you send a stream of strong light on the tummy that gets into the uterus, the crumb will turn in the direction of light. A child at the 19th week of pregnancy can keep his head straight and turn it in different directions, and the neck is able to rotate 180 degrees. The placenta moves to the depth of the uterus and thus moves away from the cervix.

The most tremulous stage of pregnancy began for a woman. Right now, at the 19th week of pregnancy, the baby's movements are clearly audible. The woman continues to gain weight. Her hips widen, her stomach grows, which pulls on the 19th week of pregnancy and causes discomfort during sleep and gait. и животе на 19 неделе беременности, то обязательно смените обувь на более удобную без каблуков и платформ. If you have pain in the back and abdomen at 19 weeks of pregnancy, then necessarily change your shoes to a more comfortable one without heels and platforms. It is possible that you are concerned about hypotension. Your pressure goes down due to the growing uterus, which presses on the veins and aorta. Especially pressure can go down when a woman lies on her back. Therefore, change the posture and prefer to sleep on the side, do not rise sharply due to dizziness. Resting femoral joints are relaxed for the successful passage of the child in the future through the birth canal. Such physiological changes provoke pain in the back. To facilitate the condition, we recommend an exercise: the shoulders are pulled back, and the neck is tilted forward. Extra pounds during pregnancy is a load on a weak spine and back pain can become permanent. Try not to abuse chocolate and sweets, so that the weight does not grow rapidly, and also limit the long standing and wrong sitting. Learn to properly rest and sit on a chair, give preference to a chair with a back, do not put your foot on your leg and then you will avoid difficult circulation and unnecessary strain on the spine.

Sex at the 19th week of pregnancy is not forbidden, if there are no restrictions on the part of the gynecologist and you do not have a stomach ache, there are no bloody discharge, there are no drawing and aching pains. If all the above symptoms have arisen, then it is better to refrain from sex and seek help from a doctor. During visits to the gynecologist, specify about the lessons at the school of motherhood. Ignore classes are not advisable. Knowledge is never superfluous. There you will be qualified to answer all the exciting questions, teach you to take care of the future baby, support you morally before childbirth, and teach breathing exercises.

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