16 week of pregnancy

16 неделя беременности фото Pregnancy ... How much joy this unforgettable state brings and the thrilling sensation of approaching motherhood! Your baby is growing rapidly and at the 16th week of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is very happy mom. A crumb can keep his head straight. His facial muscles are already fully formed, and he can grimace, wink, open and close his mouth, and also frown. The baby had enough calcium to build up the stone. If a girl is to be born, her ovaries are dropped from the abdominal cavity into the hip part. Very noticeable in the work of the kidneys, and also the work of the bladder progress. Every 45 minutes a child releases his urine into clean amniotic fluid. The legs of the baby lengthened and became more proportional to the body. Begin to appear in the child's small nails. The child's coordination with his arms and legs is growing.

The size of the fetus at 16 weeks gestation from the parietal to the sacral part reaches 116 mm. Your baby is already with the size of an orange. And the weight of the baby is 80 grams. At the 16th week of pregnancy, the woman expands the uterus, thus giving scope to the growing fetus in the placenta. The volume of amniotic fluid in this week is up to 250 ml. At week 16 and three follow-up mothers, it is recommended to take tests and tests. This is the AFP, as well as such a necessary triple unfolded test. These tests for mom do not carry danger. и возможность развития порока позвоночника. With the help of them, they reveal the involvement of the fetus in Down syndrome and the possibility of developing a spinal cord defect. The triple test also does not pose a threat to the baby. The sensations of a woman at the 16th week of pregnancy are very contradictory: from painful to joyful. On the one hand, the maternal gland is actively working at this time. Therefore, in early terms, the breast swells and becomes very sensitive. And already because of the increase in blood flow there is and appears a venous pattern on the chest. In this there is nothing to worry about. And on the other hand, 16 weeks presents a surprise in the form of a fetus stirring. It is more tangible and joyful if the woman is thin or has a repeat pregnancy. The appearance of a child's movement helps in calculating the date of birth. But still it is impossible to calculate the date with a high degree of probability. At the 16th week of pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary to undergo an examination with a gynecologist and, if necessary, obtain a medical and genetic consultation, as well as useful recommendations. We recommend that you learn breathing exercises for pregnant women. At the moment they are given a lot of importance. Respiratory exercises are divided into two groups: in motion and at rest. At the 16th week of pregnancy, one should begin to develop respiratory gymnastics, which will be useful during labor and facilitate painful contractions:

1. Lie on your back, and put your pillows under your knees and your head. Exhale, and slowly start breathing in the air with your nose until the belly is full. Then try to hold your breath for 3 seconds and slowly exhale with your mouth until the muscles are completely relaxed.

2. Sit down and arbitrarily for several minutes breathe quickly (dog-like).

Then learn how to do these exercises at the same time as the movements. Future mummies should constantly perform this simple breathing exercises. And then your breath will become a habit, and then the desired results will come on the birth.

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