14 week of pregnancy

14 неделя беременности фото At 14 weeks of pregnancy, the baby continues to develop and improve in the abdomen (especially his face). His nose, his ears, his cheeks are emerging. The eyes of the baby are not so widely spread, but they continue to be prolonged for centuries. At 14 weeks of pregnancy lanugo becomes visible - this is the first embryonic fuzz. Lanugo performs a protective function for the child. Namely: delays the substance - the secret that the child's organism gives out. And later later in the body of the mother will grow coarser hairs - fluff. But in addition to lanugo, the baby has an increase in the fluff of the eyebrows. Even on the baby's head, the first hint of a fluffy hair appears. Continue to develop at full speed and the internal organs of the child.

The size of the fetus from the parietal part to the sacrum to 113 mm. The child is already with the size of a pear, and the weight is up to 25 grams.

Develops thyroid hormones independently of the child. The boy has a prostate, and the ovaries fall from the abdominal cavity to the hip part. The genitals of the baby can be determined, both male and female, but still on ultrasound they are very little distinguishable. The kid is in full swing producing urine and she enters the amniotic fluid. A child is in full swinging in the belly of his mother, but this is not felt yet.

The 14th week of pregnancy opens for the mother a second trimester of pregnancy. The state of health is established slowly, energy appears. And this is not looking at the growth of the uterus. The belly at the 14th week of pregnancy rises and now the bottom of the uterus near the navel area. Only now is the realization of her pregnancy by a woman. Toxicosis recedes. At the 14th week of pregnancy, there are sensations of approaching motherhood and the most pleasant experiences of the future mother are connected with this.

The sexual desire of a woman is also being adjusted. If in the first trimester, future parents knowingly limited their sexual contacts, fearing to harm the child. Now the most favorable time for sex is at week 14. The sexual desire of a woman, of course, can fade, or may, on the contrary, increase. It all depends on the fluctuations of hormones. Basically, the sexual behavior of a woman is determined by the original sexual desire and the characteristics of sexual life with a partner. And if you believe people's signs that say that if there is a boy - the woman's sexuality increases, and if the girl, then falls. Everything is connected with hormones. In the second trimester, fears, tears and anxieties leave the pregnant woman. And the man finally gets used to the role of the father and the middle of the pregnancy becomes a continuation of the honeymoon. The protruding maternal tummy is very attractive and sexy and does not cause discomfort to a woman during sex. Physicians also give positive feedback about sex in the second trimester of pregnancy. The fetus is already sufficiently entrenched at the 14th week of pregnancy in the uterus, there are no grounds for worrying, and new bursts of hormones will not be soon. It's great when the sexual desire of the couple coincides. But often there is a discrepancy between desires. In this case I want to wish wisdom, tact and patience to spouses.

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