гемоторакс фото Hemotorax is the accumulation of blood between the pleural sheets, resulting from bleeding from large pulmonary and intrathoracic vessels with injuries of the chest wall, diaphragm and mediastinal organs.

In contrast to pneumothorax, the mechanism of occurrence of which is similar to hemothorax, in case of congestion Read the full entry »


гидроторакс фото Gidorothax is an excessive accumulation of transudate between the parietal and visceral pleural sheets, which is a complication of other diseases and manifests itself as respiratory, and more often cardiovascular disorders.

The symptoms of hydrothorax arise only in the situation when the normal relationship between the readings is broken Read the full entry »


нейтропения фото Neutropenia is a reduced level of neutrophilic granulocytes in the total cellular composition of the blood to a level of less than 1500 / μL. The severity of the patient's condition and the risk of serious complications of infectious and bacterial origin directly depends Read the full entry »

Blockade of the bundle branch legs

фото блокады ножек пучка гиса The blockade of the bundle legs is a malfunction in the operation of the cardiac activity, caused by the partial or total absence of impulse transmission along the conducting pathways of the atrioventricular bundle, provoking a delay in the excitation of the ventricular myocardium and accompanied by changes in the electrocardiographic pattern. Read the rest of this entry »


разрыв сердца фото A heart break is a broken integrity of the heart walls. As a rule, a heart rupture occurs during the first week after the first arisen myocardial infarction. An infarction that happened repeatedly does not often end in a heart rupture. This is due to the fact that formed from the previous Read the entire entry »

Liver failure

печеночная недостаточность фото Hepatic failure is a complex of symptoms that are characterized by a violation of one or more liver functions due to damage to the parenchyma. The liver is unable to maintain the constancy of the internal environment in the body due to read the entire entry »


пневмоторакс фото Pneumothorax is an excessive accumulation of air between the pleural leaves, leading to a short-term or long-term disorder of respiratory function of the lungs and cardiovascular insufficiency. All cases of pneumothorax can be attributed to one of the three main forms: Read the full entry »


лимфоцитоз фото Lymphocytosis is a pathological condition characterized by an increased number of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. They are a kind of white blood cells, which form the bone marrow, and are an integral part of immunity. Lymphocytes Read the rest of this entry »