12 week of pregnancy

12 неделя беременности фото At 12 weeks of gestation, the fetus continues to intensively gain growth, the baby's brain develops rapidly. The baby's brain is similar to an adult, but in a smaller version. All the organs of the baby are already laid and only the strokes remain. The nervous system of crumbs develops. The thyroid gland can synthesize iodine itself. Nails and fingers of hands and feet continue to develop. Fingers of the baby have a unique skin pattern. The first cannula hairs on the skin are born. The baby's feet become sensual. The musculature of the baby is quite developed, but the child's movements are involuntary and the acrobatic elements of the baby are noticeable on the ultrasound. The kid knows how to tumble, turn his head, wrinkle his lips, squeeze and unclench his fists, swallow liquid, open, and also close his eyes, suck his thumb, urinate. Intestine ceases to enter the abdominal cavity. The first contractions of the intestine appear. The baby's liver produces the first bile that is necessary for food fats in the future.

The size of the fetus at 12 weeks of gestation is up to 61 mm and the baby is now larger than the egg. Its weight is up to 13 grams. Volume of amniotic fluid up to 50 ml. If you expect a boy, then the masculine principle develops with might and main.

On the 12th week the placenta performs the main role in the production of hormones for the well-being of a pregnant woman. Previously, this function was responsible for the yellow body, which formed in the place where the ovum ripened. The function of the yellow body is fulfilled and now it fades. And your health at the 12th week is improving, and the toxemia does not bother. But if pregnancy is prolific, then there is a possibility that toxicosis will still cause trouble. The walls of the uterus in a woman stretch and become even thinner. At 12 weeks, the uterus of the expectant mother increases in width to 10 cm and it becomes very tight in the hip region itself, so it rises to the abdominal cavity. Uterus is well probed. The uterine base occupies the frontal bone, and the volume of the uterus before the onset of pregnancy is 10 ml, and by the 40th week of pregnancy the volume becomes 5 -10 liters. The weight of the uterus is 70 grams, and after birth up to 1100 grams. By the size of the fetus at week 12, the doctor with the help of ultrasound may be more likely to determine the term of the future mother. Mom's heart starts to beat more often. This is to cope with the circulation of blood. At 12 weeks you can hear the baby's heartbeat with the help of a special drug Doppler. Sensations at the 12th week of pregnancy: a woman's sides increase and legs become heavier, but urination is improving. It becomes less frequent. If there was no toxicosis, then the weight gain is within three kilograms. And the total weight gain for the entire pregnancy is 10-16 kilograms. It all depends on the constitution of the woman. The appearance of brown strips on the body of women should not cause excitement. It's all passing. But, and if there is an itching in the abdominal region at week 12, then this indicates the appearance of stretch marks. Use creams against stretch marks - Mamacomfort, Avent, Mustela. And remember that even the best cream will not help, if there is no system in its application. The cream must contain retinol. This cream does not penetrate deep into the skin and will not harm the baby.

Another woman can be bothered by her excessive emotionality, irritation without reason, fear of the future and tearfulness because of this. The slightest trouble a woman is unbalanced. The reason for all the leap hormonal background. Try not to take to heart all that is happening around you, but take care of the family, and especially the husband. It's not easy for him now either.

If at 12 week there were abdominal pains, the most important thing is not to start a problem with the intestines, which you decide with the help of vegetables, dried fruits, as well as fresh fruits. Do not forget about sour-milk products

At the end of the 12th week, visit a women's consultation, if you have not done this before, it's time!

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