гликогенозы фото Glycogenoses are hereditary pathologies associated with the inadequate content of a particular enzyme that takes mediated participation in the synthesis and destruction of glycogen. Due to the occurrence of Read the entire entry »


кардионевроз фото Cardioneurosis is a dysfunction of normal cardiac activity, accompanied by psychosomatic disorders due to the development of an imbalance between the processes occurring in the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamic. Read the full post »


брадиаритмия фото Bradyarrhythmia is a disease in which the heart rhythm is disturbed and cardiac contractions become less than 60 beats per minute. The class of this pathology includes sinus bradycardia, stopping the sinus node, sinoauric blockades, as well as ciliary bradyarrhythmias, tricular Read the full post »


фото двс-синдрома DIC-syndrome is a general pathological nonspecific process, the emergence of which is due to the introduction of coagulant properties of blood in the general bloodstream of stimulants, as well as stimulation of platelet aggregation capacity, which creates conditions for enhanced education. Read the rest of this entry »


кардиалгия фото Cardialgia - this is a pain in the heart, which can not be called a separate disease, tk. this is the result of various pathological processes. Complaints on cardialgia are quite common. To a man who has been diagnosed with cardialgia, Read the rest of this entry »

Impaired heart rate

нарушение сердечного ритма фото Violation of the heart rhythm is a frequent pathology of cardiac activity, consisting in a deviation from the normal rhythm and systematic nature of the contractile function of the heart muscle. Read the rest of this entry »


гемобластозы фото Hemoblastoses are neoplasms that develop from hematopoietic cells. Hemoblastosis is divided into several types: leukemia and hematosarcoma. They are distinguished by the systemic nature of the lesion. If the bone marrow is primarily affected by leukemia, then when reading the entire entry »

B12-deficiency anemia

В12-дефицитная анемия фото B12-deficiency anemia is a combination of clinical and hemolytic signs that arise as a result of a change in the morphology of erythrocytes and a violation of the synthesis of RNA and DNA in the bone marrow cells of hematopoiesis. The organism of each adult person needs to Read the full entry »