11 week of pregnancy

11 неделя беременности фото At 11 weeks, the fetus grows rapidly. The number of blood vessels in the placenta is increasing because of the growing appetite of the baby. The head of the child is also large and occupies most of the body. All this is due to the rapid development of the fetal brain, but the internal organs of the baby are also intensively developing. Part of the intestine continues to fall into the umbilical cord. On the eleventh week, the intestine begins to function, making the first cuts. At this stage, the intestine has nothing to digest yet.

The size of the fetus at 11 weeks from the crown and up to the sacrum is about 60 mm. A child weighs up to 8 g. From this week of pregnancy the child begins to grow intensively. Toxicosis of the future mother slowly recedes, and the appetite returns. At the 11th week of pregnancy, it becomes clear with the genitals of the unborn child. At this time, the sternum is being completed. The fingers of the feet and hands develop. The eyes of the baby are very widely spaced, and the ears are very low. In comparison with the body, the child has very short legs. At the 11th week of pregnancy, there is development in the eyeballs of the baby of the iris. The kidneys begin to function, producing urine. Urine goes into the amniotic fluid, and the waste products enter through the placenta directly into the bloodstream.

At 11 weeks pregnant, the expectant mother burns her calories faster than before the pregnancy. The metabolism of a woman is increased by 25%. Increases the volume of circulating blood in the body of a woman. Pregnant feels the internal heat and drinks a lot of liquid and as a result - sweats heavily. Many women begin to act slightly on the 11th week of pregnancy belly, there may be a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and a problem with the stool. The mood of a woman is often unstable during this period. The emergence of uncertainty, tearfulness, irritability, anxiety - all this is the influence of hormones and a woman's poor state of health. Help yourself! Diversify your diet with a vitamin complex, fruits and foods that have calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. It is better not to get involved with tableted preparations, but prefer natural products. Starting from the eleventh week - have a rest more, especially let's rest your legs - the veins. Do not mild a light massage with the use of a cooling gel. Watch for discharge from the vagina, and at the first suspicions and doubts, consult a doctor. On the part of the spouse, too, must be understanding, affection and sympathy for the woman. For a woman this is not a simple period. Support her, listen, give in to her desires. беременной затянулось, то необходимо консультирование со специалистами, которые помогут справиться с эмоциональной нестабильностью. Well, if the depressed state of the pregnant woman is delayed, then it is necessary to consult with specialists who will help cope with emotional instability.

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