менархе фото Menarche is the age of the arrival of the first menstruation in a girl who is an important criterion for evaluating correct sexual development. Every young female organism, like all the structural and physiological changes taking place in it, Read the full post »

Fibroids of the uterus

фиброма матки фото Fibroids of the uterus is an formation that appears in the smooth muscle structures of the uterine wall and has some signs of a benign tumor. Fibroma of the uterus is diagnosed in a third of gynecological patients, Read the full entry »


гипоменорея фото Hypomenorrhœa is a disorder of the menstrual cycle, in which there is a sharp decrease in the volume of menstrual blood loss. All kinds of abnormalities in the normal menstrual cycle prevail (up to 80%) among complaints from the referring patients, Read the full entry »

Monthly 2 times a month

месячные 2 раза фото Monthly 2 times a month - it happens? Monthly accompanies a young woman for many years and during life often changes their habitual characteristics. Various violations of the menstrual cycle constitute a significant part (almost 80%) Read the rest of this entry »

Frequent monthly

частые месячные фото Frequent menstrual bleeding is an abnormally short interval. Frequent monthly - this is not a disease, but just a symptom that indicates the presence of trouble in the body. Read the rest of this entry »

Curd selection

творожистые выделения фото Curds in women are present in almost all complaints of patients when they see a doctor. They may be the only symptom or be present among other complaints. On repeatedly repeated cheesy-colored excretions indicates almost Read the entire entry »

Why there are no monthly

почему нет месячных фото Why are there no menstruation ? Under the "delay" of menstruation usually mean the delay of regular menstruation with a normal menstrual rhythm. Also, the delay in men is said if the girls who have overcome the 16-year-old line did not have a single menstruation. Read the rest of this entry »


полименорея фото Polymenorea is a cyclically repeated menstrual bleeding with a short interval of no more than 21 days. With pathology, polymenorrhea is not always associated, as a rule, often recurrent menstruation often do not have a pathological nature. Read the rest of this entry »