дисгидроз фото Dyshidrosis is a skin disease that is characterized by the formation of itchy small vesicles due to blockage of the ducts in the sweat glands. The disease affects the hands, palms, feet. Dyshidrosis refers to a variety of eczema. Read the rest of this entry »


себорея фото Seborrhea is a chronic, painful condition of the skin caused by increased fat loss due to failures in the neuroendocrine regulation of the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Disease only in 10% of patients remains for life. Зачастую ею болеют люди Read the rest of this entry »


демодекоз фото Demodectic is a lesion of smooth skin, as well as a hair mite parasite of the genus demodex. Long mites can live in vaseline, vegetable oil, cosmetic cream. Demodekoz at the person is shown in the form of acnes, jazvochek on a skin, dermal rashes on a breast, the face, a back, increase of greasiness of a skin, Read the full post »


демодекс фото Demodex is a mite-parasites that live in follicles of human hair, sebaceous glands, and also in animal hair. Ticks-parasites are a colorless creature, covered with bristles, length from 0.15 to 0.48 mm. Subcutaneous mites use as a food skin fat, as well as cells that form hair follicles and cosmetics used for skin care. The mites-parasites have the ability to freely move through the pores of the follicle. Temperature read only Read the rest of this entry »

Pink lichen

розовый лишай фото Pink lichen is an infectious-allergic disease of a viral origin. For the first time pink lichen in humans was described by Gibert in 1860. The disease can occur after infectious and febrile diseases, intestinal disorders, vaccinations, diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Read the rest of this entry »


микоз фото Mycosis is a fungal disease related to a common group of infectious diseases caused by parasitic pathogens and opportunistic microorganisms. Microtraumas contribute to spores of fungi getting into the skin, Read the rest of this entry »

Peregrine lichen

отрубевидный лишай фото Pityriasis lichen in humans is a fungal disease of the skin. Its causative agent is the fungi of the genus Malassezia, which live in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. This disease is very common in countries with a very hot climate, but not bypassed and our Read the full post »

Multicolored lichen

разноцветный лишай фото Multicolored lichen is a fungal skin disease, which refers to dermatomycosis. This disease is characterized by damage to the surface parts of the skin layer, as well as the cuticle of the hair. With the advent of this disease, a person has problems with an aesthetic plan, and the quality of life decreases. First time multicolored лишай у человека Read the rest of this entry »