Skin Allergies

аллергия на коже фото Allergy on the skin is the reaction of the human body to a certain stimulus, manifested by the sudden appearance on the skin of swollen pale red patches or nodules and their continuous itching. These symptoms of allergies are most pronounced in those areas of skin Read the full post »

Food allergy

пищевая аллергия фото Food allergies - a fairly common disease, manifested by increased sensitivity of the body to certain foods, when harmless common in appearance food leads to the development of an allergic reaction. Read the rest of this entry »


поллиноз фото Pollinosis (hay fever) is the most common disease of people of any age. Pollinosis - an allergic disease caused by pollen of plants, with primary damage to the eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. The pollen of almost all plants has a Read the full entry »

Bronchial asthma

бронхиальная астма фото Bronchial asthma is a serious recurrent inflammatory disease of the human respiratory system, manifested by sudden attacks of suffocation, a feeling of lack of air, recurring episodes of whistles. Read the rest of this entry »