Duhring's disease treatment

. Dühring's disease (it is Dühring's dermatitis, Dühring-Brock's syndrome, herpetiform dermatitis, pruriginous pemphigus) refers to chronically relapsing skin diseases . This dermatosis is rare enough, but it can affect people of any age from the very moment of birth and to old age. Read the rest of this entry »

Treatment of gastritis and compulsory diet

Gastritis is an irritation or inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which occurs under the influence of various chemicals (this applies not only to food, but also certain medicines), mechanical damage and the Helicobacter pylori bacterium. There are two main types of gastritis - with increased and decreased acidity of gastric juice. Also gastritis is divided into acute and chronic Read the full entry »

Types of diseases and treatment of the kidneys

Kidney diseases are diseases directly related to various pathological changes that have occurred in the organs of the genitourinary system. почки, пионефроз, пиелонефрит . The most common inflammatory diseases of the kidney: tuberculosis of the kidney, pionephrosis, pyelonephritis . And the most serious and often occurring complications that have occurred against these diseases are chronic and acute renal failure and urosepsis. Read the rest of this entry »

Types and treatment of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease of the joints, which is accompanied by their inflammation (the joints become hot to the touch, swell, the skin turns red). In this case, a person experiences pain in them and there is a restriction in the movement

Reasons for the occurrence Read the entire entry »

Skin diseases and their treatment

During the whole period of life, the human skin is constantly exposed to various external influences, including infectious (simple fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.), which often contributes to the occurrence of anomalous changes in it. Also, the skin is very closely connected with almost all internal organs, so their diseases can also cause all kinds of pathological changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Prevention and treatment of bronchitis

In the human respiratory system, bronchi occupy perhaps one of the most important places. Every day they pass through themselves about fifteen thousand liters of air. Like all respiratory tracts, the bronchi from the inside have a mucous membrane, the function of which is to moisten the air and prevent the penetration of small foreign particles into the lungs, which, although in a small amount, still fall here with the air. Read the rest of this entry »

Osteochondrosis treatment and prevention

To date, perhaps the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system is osteochondrosis. According to statistical data, this disease affects every second inhabitant of our planet. Osteochondrosis is a disease of the intervertebral ligamentous apparatus (cartilaginous joints). Read the rest of this entry »

Diseases and the treatment of joints

From the school course of anatomy we know that the joints are called the movable joint of bones, which allows them to move relative to each other. The surfaces that form the joint are covered with cartilage, which serves to distribute the load inside the joint and in combination with the underlying bone provides elasticity and elasticity. Read the rest of this entry »