10 week of pregnancy

10 неделя беременности фото 10th week of pregnancy is the final stage of embryo development. Already all the parameters of the body for the growing organism have been laid, and in the following months the creation of a new little man will be completed. The critical stage is over! The child acquires similar features of an ordinary child. Fingers already separated, there is a taste bud of the tongue and the first dental rudiments. The tail has completely disappeared, and the baby's brain develops with cosmic speed. The heart of the child is already formed, but with the external genitalia the children's organism has not yet been determined. But if it's still a boy, then the testicles are working out the male hormone testosterone.

At the end of 10 weeks, the child's body can be called a fruit. If Mom feels fine and the embryo is all right, then the anomalies are not threatening the fetus. The kid is rapidly developing, moving and will soon start to suck his finger. The child can open and close his mouth, raise the handles to the head, swallow the liquid, clench the fists. Formed in the kid's fingers are the limbs - legs and arms, elbow joints, ears, upper lip. Continues to form a diaphragm and rapidly develop milk teeth. The embryo is very comfortable to be inside the fetus in the abdomen of the mother.

A woman at 10 weeks gestation has such sensations as frequent mood swings, excitability with vulnerability, fatigue and nausea. All this is the influence of hormones. There are still such changes in the body as a gradual increase in weight, there is friability of the gums, the thyroid gland increases. If you have 10 weeks of pregnancy, the age of the fetus is 8 weeks. Do not forget that the gestation period takes a count immediately on the first day of the last menstruation and not as from the moment of conception. Your clothes are still fit, but will gradually become cramped. Below the abdomen, you will find a strip of dark, leading to the navel. Over time, it will disappear. If there are pigmented spots on your face, then do not be afraid - this is due to the production of melanin. The diet did not affect this, but on special diets for weight reduction you should not sit down. In the menu include cheese, yogurt, milk, fruit. Walk more, rest, do not worry over trifles. During the 10th week of pregnancy, white discharge may appear. – кандидоз. This is thrush - candidiasis. Do not worry. Tell the doctor about this and solve the problem together. And before coming to the gynecologist, exclude from the diet food prepared on yeast, very sweet and refined.

The hardest period has already passed and now you can breathe a sigh of relief. The first three months are important, as the laying and shaping of the organism of the future baby is going on. Now, even before the birth, the development of the internal organs of the baby will actively develop. And the size of the child at 10 weeks of gestation from the crown to the sacrum is within 40 mm. Your child has a small plum size of up to 5 grams. At the end of the tenth week, the child's body can be called a fruit. The brain of the child also continues to evolve and it produces 250,000 neurons every minute.

For 10 weeks is characterized by the development of the lymphatic, as well as the immune system of the child and the development of the liver. The thyroid gland of the baby begins to accumulate iodine, and the heart does up to 150 beats per minute. Ends development of the intestines, bile ducts, rectum and oral cavity.

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