1 week of pregnancy

1 неделя беременности фото Obstetrical pregnancy calendar begins from the first day of the last critical (monthly) days, when the woman is not yet pregnant. This is because a new cycle has started, which contributed to the birth of a new life. And if you are planning a pregnancy, this week is very important for you. Now is the time when you need to prepare for the conception.

According to statistics, a woman becomes pregnant on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. This is in the middle of the cycle. But the point of obstetric count or forty weeks is the beginning of the last menstruation. Therefore, on the features of conception and development The fetus is more precise from the third week of pregnancy. During this period, the central nervous system of the expectant mother very actively reconstructs the hormonal background for the preparation of one egg for fertilization.

This week is called the first, because it is during this period that the prototype of the future baby is formed. Ideally, for six months a woman needs to carry out a set of preventive measures to improve her health. Inside the woman, the birth of a new life will occur, so the measures taken to preserve health are just now important. If you have not done this before - start now

: Recommendations of medical specialists :

1. It is necessary to abandon alcoholic beverages, nicotine and exclude even passive smoking. It's very harmful for a woman to be with people who smoke.

2. Any medical product, before taking, you must first discuss with your doctor. After all, it can affect negatively the egg and the fetus. Self-medication can harm the future pregnancy. You can find out the necessary information about the effect of drugs on the fetus if you contact a women's consultation on pregnancy planning.

3. It is necessary to exclude x-ray studies, in particular this applies to the abdomen and pelvis.

4. A pregnant mother should take vitamin B6 (folic acid), which is contained in the following products: spinach, asparagus, carrots, egg yolk, apricot, pumpkin. It is advisable three months before the desired pregnancy, and also in the first three months to take Vitrum Prenatal ") or" Multi-Tabs Perinatal ". This drug contains 0.4 mg of folic acid needed by the fetus from various defects.

5. It is necessary to limit the woman's stay in places of congestion to protect from infection with infectious diseases (rubella, ARI). These infections pose a great danger to the fetus. If you are in contact with the sick, then take preventive measures. Your task is to keep your health, not allowing the possibility of contracting infectious diseases.

6. Avoid critical situations and stresses. Take care of your psychological health. Communicate only with positive people and get more positive emotions.

7. Analyze your professional activity for the presence of harm to the child's future. And this is all kinds of radiation, contact with chemicals, electromagnetic effects.

8. It is not recommended to have pets in the pregnancy planning period. But if there are already pets at home, it is very desirable to examine the pets from the veterinarian. To obligatory vaccinate animals and thereby protect themselves from infections

9. During pregnancy planning, you should limit or refuse to use strong coffee and tea, do not abuse chocolate, carbonated drinks and cola

10. A future mother is recommended to visit a gynecologist even on condition that at the moment the health does not bother. It is recommended to consult with a geneticist if your age has crossed the 35-year mark

These tips should be observed during the entire pregnancy period, because you two!

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