Chronic periodontitis

Chronic periodontitis is a prolonged inflammation in conditions of infection, overloading of periodontal tissues, irrational endodontic treatment, occurring in tissues near the tooth, manifested by the rupture of the periodontal ligament, destruction of the cortical plate of the alveolus and bone damage. Chronic periodontitis Read the rest of this entry »

Acute periodontitis

Acute periodontitis is an inflammatory lesion of periodontal tissues. The diagnosis of "acute periodontitis" is based on data subjective (collection of complaints, compilation of anamnesis) and objective (examination of the oral cavity, electroodontometry, radiography, biochemical, read the whole entry »


Leiomyosarcoma is malignant, occurring quite rarely, developing from a smooth muscle tissue tumor. Most often, leiomyosarcoma develops in the uterus, stomach, bladder, on the skin, in the small intestine. Oncologists believe that Read the rest of this entry »


Pancytopenia is a hematological concept, which means a decrease in the level of all types of peripheral blood cells. In connection with a sharp decrease in the number of all types of blood cells in the clinical picture of pancytopenia, three major ones are distinguished. Read the rest of this entry »


Xerostomia is a manifestation of an extreme degree of hyposalivation (decreased production of saliva by the salivary glands). The causes of this condition are very numerous and are often found outside the mouth. Most often, general (somatic) diseases lead to the development of xerostomia and only Read the full entry »


пилоростеноз фото Pylorostenosis is the narrowing of the lumen of the ventricular outlet - the gatekeeper. A narrow gatekeeper prevents the passage of food masses into the 12-colon, there is a delay in food in the stomach, with its overflow begins profuse vomiting. At first it brings relief, however in the future Read the entire entry »


гепатомегалия фото Hepatomegaly is a physiological or pathological increase in the metric parameters of the liver, manifested diffusely or localized and not in all situations accompanied by damage to the hepatocytes. Hepatomegalia liver can Read the full entry »


глоссалгия фото Glossalgia is a neurostomatological pathology, manifested by the appearance in a healthy person of painful sensations in the projection of the tongue and not manifested by morphological changes on the part of the tongue. When the glossalgia extends to the surrounding oral structure of the mouth, the term "stomalgia" should be used. Read the rest of this entry »